NY School Board Member Calls Parent “A**hole” & Tries To Start A Fight During Mask/Racial Theory Meeting

Unprofessional display caught on camera

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

Footage out of New York shows a school board member calling a parent an “asshole” and trying to physically fight said parent during a Tuesday night meeting.

After several parents pushed back against the Penfield Central School District’s mask policy and controversial “diversity, equity, and inclusion” curriculum, a board member named William Yeager allegedly made a dismissive gesture.

When Yeager made the gesture, a mother attending the meeting asked, “What was that?” and a father named Rich Tyson requested Yeager “Be respectful.”

At this point, Yeager lost control and shouted, “You’re not gonna stand up here and do anything to me, asshole!”

The crowd gasped following Yeager’s slur, and according to Tyson, “He (Yaeger) started kind of motioning for me to come toward the stage, which I did start walking, then he dropped an F-bomb on me.”

Tyson told WROC, “That’s when I walked and jumped up on the stage, not to be physically confrontational, but I wanted to address it with him face to face. By the time I got there he had become essentially unhinged.”

In the footage, Yeager can be seen being restrained by multiple men who he tried to fight off for nearly a minute.

Speaking to The Daily Wire, Tyson said he thinks Yeager “would have taken a shot at me” if he broke free.

“The superintendent, Dr. [Thomas] Putnam, and a few other board members were basically having to restrain him,” Tyson explained. “He was like, you know, ‘I’m going to take you outside’ kind of stuff. And I just basically went up there to tell him ‘you’re not being respectful, you’re not representing us, and get the hell out of here, get out of this board meeting.’”

The father added, “I’m a passionate parent and there were many others in the room and we all felt kind of disrespected by his cavalier attitude toward our comments.”

News 8 WROC reported on the incident in the video below.