NY Times Ripped for Lamenting Lack of ‘Kink’ in New ‘Little Mermaid’

New York Times writer complains PG-rated live-action remake of classic Disney film didn't have enough sexualized content for children.

Image Credits: Infowars composite; screenshot/Disney.

The New York Times is facing online backlash after publishing a review of the live-action “The Little Mermaid” remake complaining that “kink” was missing from the film.

“The new, live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ is everything nobody should want in a movie: dutiful and defensive, yet desperate for approval,” movie critic Wesley Morris wrote in a review for The Times

“It reeks of obligation and noble intentions. Joy, fun, mystery, risk, flavor, kink — they’re missing,” he added.

But despite the PG-rated film’s lack of “kink,” which Webster’s Dictionary defines as “unconventional sexual taste or behavior,” Morris praised the film for its racially “diverse” casting.

“This is important, culturally reparative work from a corporation,” Morris added. 

There’s a term for conditioning children to sexualized content, such as the left’s “family-friendly” drag queen story events popping up across the country.

It’s called grooming.

The Times’ Twitter feed was lit up with comments blasting the left-wing newspaper.

Why is the left so determined to sexualize children, be it through drag queen story events, retail, or books in schools?

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