NY To Give Illegals Who Lost Work During Pandemic One-Time Payments Of $15,600

State approves $2.1 billion aid package

Image Credits: Erik McGregor / Contributor / Getty.

Slipped into New York’s $217 billion state budget deal is a $2.1 billion aid fund that will give many illegal immigrants one-time payments of $15,600.

Referred to as an “excluded workers” fund, the money is supposed to assist illegals who were allegedly unable to obtain federal and state benefits such as unemployment insurance or stimulus checks.

Specifically, undocumented workers who lost their jobs and were unemployed during the pandemic will be eligible for the payments.

An estimated 275,000 individuals are said to qualify for the taxpayer-funded handouts.

This comes as U.S. citizens struggling due to tyrannical government COVID mandates are tossed measly $1,400 checks from time to time.

New York Senate Democrats ended up bowing to a group of activists after they staged a 23-day long hunger strike in an effort to get the illegal workers government assistance.

Democrat Sen. Jessica Ramos of Queens, who sponsored the policy, said, “The reality is we can show the fund for excluded workers is going to bring millions of dollars for key communities. As a senator, when I’m really concerned about things, I drill down on anybody, especially when it affects my community.”

Look for more Democrat-run states to follow New York’s lead in handing out cash to illegal immigrants, and perhaps even the Biden administration doing the same on a federal level.

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