NYC: 14-Year-Old Shot in Neck as Former NYPD Commissioner Warns City Will “Get a Lot Worse”

Another young victim critically injured as shootings surge in US cities

Image Credits: John Lamparski / Getty Images.

A young male is reportedly in critical condition after being shot in broad daylight on a street in New York City on Monday afternoon.

The victim, 14, was rushed to hospital suffering from shooting wounds to his neck and torso after the attack, which unfolded at approximately 5 p.m. in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens.

The boy was standing by himself when he was approached by two men who opened fire on him, the NYPD says.

“Police don’t patrol here. They may come through once in a while, you know, they but don’t patrol. They don’t patrol and you have the projects. The kids, whatever, come down this block. It’s just disheartening. It really is disheartening that we’re living like this,” a local resident told Spectrum News.

There were a total of 44 shootings reported across the city during the weekend, with 30 coming on Sunday alone.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has warned the city is spiraling out of control as crime rises and New York officials work to strip funding and resources from law enforcement.

“The city is a mess and it’s going to get a lot worse unfortunately,” Bratton said during a radio interview on Monday.

“I’m disappointed with the whole political establishment here in the state, in Albany and in the city. They have effectively, collectively and individually, turned their back in many respects on the entity that’s most responsible for the crime reduction in this city, state and indeed the country — the police.”

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