NYC Considers Using Poop to Heat Homes

Has San Francisco found a solution to its public poop epidemic?

Image Credits: George Mdivanian / EyeEm / Getty.

New York City is considering using poop to fuel stoves and heat homes.

Under an ambitious “green” initiative, NYC’s Bureau of Wastewater Treatment may convert poop into methane gas that will initially power 5,000 homes as part of the city’s effort to “combat climate change.”

“It’s clean, it’s green, and it’s local,” said Pam Elardo, deputy commissioner for the Bureau of Wastewater Treatment, according to the New York Post.

Apparently the National Grid power company intends to take vapor already produced at a treatment plant, remove moisture and carbon dioxide, then convert it to methane gas.

“It’s very exciting,” added Elardo while describing the city’s fecal collection “a valuable commodity.”

“We’re taking a locally sourced natural carbon and making a gas product that is environmentally sustainable.”

Of course, this brings to mind a certain scene from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:

The city has a lot of poop; last year, Alabama residents were outraged over the smell of a parked freight train carrying poop from New York City that was destined for a nearby landfill.

The train was parked near the city for over two months before it was finally emptied.

Ironically enough, given NYC’s “green” agenda, the city has been shipping poop to landfills across the country because apparently NYC’s high environmental fees and business costs prevent use of New York landfills.

A Solution for San Francisco?

San Francisco is struggling with massive amounts of poop in public places due to the city’s growing homeless population as its housing costs continue to skyrocket.

In response, an iOS app called ‘SnapCrap’ was released that allows residents to snap photos of crap on sidewalks and submit them directly to the city’s Public Works Department for disposal.

But what will the city do with this excess waste? Could San Francisco simply recycle this waste into methane gas, thereby turning into the Thunderdome of the West Coast?