NYC Liberals Say REFUSING Underage Gender Surgery Or Hormone Blockers Is Child Abuse

Many New Yorkers claimed there should be no age limit on when a child can make the decision!

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Filmmaker and journalist Ami Horowitz interviewed people on the streets in one of New York City’s most liberal areas, the East Village, to find out what locals think about hormone medication and gender reassignment surgery for “trans” minors.

The responses from those interviewed were quite disturbing as some people claimed there should be no age restriction whatsoever on when children can consent to having their genitals removed.

Asked, “At what age” a child could make the decision to change genders, the first group interviewed answered, “I don’t think you can put a number on it. Once they have an understanding of gender.”

The next person Horowitz talked with suggested 13 or 14 is an appropriate age to allow children to go ahead with surgery, and the next two people thought it was appropriate for kids aged six or seven.

The lowest age suggested was four years old, and many interviewees advocated for the government to remove children from parents who refuse to allow gender surgery or hormone therapy.

Many of the New Yorkers went as far as to say parents who don’t let their kids get on the hormone drugs or undergo gender reassignment surgery are committing “child abuse.”

This report provides a shocking glimpse into how effective mainstream propaganda can be and how far left a large portion of American society has become.