NYC Protesters Crash Fauci Event, Call For Arrest Of ‘Murderer’ Over Lockdowns & Jabs

People are rising up as the truth about the Covid plandemic begins to reach the masses

Image Credits: @viralnewsnyc twitter screenshot @leeroypress.

“Lock him up!” shouted an angry group of demonstrators outside New York City’s Lotus Club where Dr. Anthony Fauci was appearing as a special guest.

Filmed and posted online by Leeroy Press of Viral News NY, the video shows police standing guard outside the fancy building as protesters holding signs gathered in the rain.

One man told the journalist Fauci “murdered” his brother with the lockdowns.

“Fuck you Fauci,” the group chanted.

Another man held a sign reading, “Shame on Fauci… and Trump!”

He explained he’s upset with Trump because as president he pushed the vaccines alongside Fauci at the onset of the pandemic.

The Lotus Club is one of the oldest literary clubs in the country.

Around the world, the globalists are being confronted by demonstrators who are sick of being experimented on by the scientific elites ignorantly playing with Mother Nature.

Dr. Fauci, disgraced UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau were all publicly called out this week by pissed-off people in America, Britain and Canada.

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