NYC School Job Posting Sought “Teachers of Color”

NYC Dept. of Education also embroiled in $90 million lawsuit alleging anti-white bias

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A job opening advertised by a Manhattan school district targeted “teachers of color,” the New York Post reports just days after the filing of a $90 million discrimination lawsuit by three NYC Department of Education officials alleging anti-white bias.

The ad, which was reportedly posted on in April, invited applicants to attend a May 14th job fair.

A teacher took a screenshot of the posting before it was deleted and provided it to the Post.

“District 1 in NYC is looking to hire teachers of color for the 2019-2020 school year,” the ad read.

Screenshot / New York Post

A description of the job fair posted to Eventbrite reportedly stated, “We are committed to diversifying our teaching staff to better serve the diverse populations we serve.”

A DOE spokesman says the posting was “not authorized” and the matter is being investigated.

“This was a mistake by one school and it shouldn’t have happened,” he said.

Lawyers consulted by the Post offered their opinions that the advert violated employment discrimination laws and could potentially lead to a lawsuit.

“So, playing this out, if a qualified applicant who is not a person of color is denied the job, that person could bring a claim for discrimination and that job posting would be strong evidence that race/color played a factor in the decision,” said employment attorney David Gottlieb.

The NYC DOE is currently embroiled in a budding scandal stemming from the recent filing of a bombshell lawsuit alleging Chancellor Richard Carranza and other officials have engaged in a ‘crusade against toxic whiteness’ in the department.

The three plaintiffs, all white women and former DOE executives, allege they were systematically purged from their positions and replaced with less qualified persons of color, and shamed and demeaned in the process.

“Under Carranza’s leadership, DOE has swiftly and irrevocably silenced, sidelined and punished plaintiffs and other Caucasian female DOE employees on the basis of their race, gender and unwillingness to accept their other colleagues’ hateful stereotypes about them,” the plaintiffs’ attorney, Davida S. Perry, wrote in the filing.

Carranza, who was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2018, recently denied any wrongdoing or discriminatory policies.

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