OANN Barred From White House Press Briefings, But Chinese Propaganda Outlet Allowed In

Hong Kong Phoenix TV is a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

The left-wing White House Correspondents Association barred conservative network OANN from White House press briefings on coronavirus yet continues to allow access to a reporter from a station which is a mouthpiece for Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

The WHCA voted on April 1st to bar OANN’s White House correspondent Chanel Rion from the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefings after Rion said during one of her questions to Trump, “Major left-wing media, even in this room, have teamed up with Chinese communist party narratives.”

OANN, which is owned by Herring Networks, Inc., an American family run business, is not welcome according to WHCA, but a news network that directly amplifies Chinese fake news propaganda about COVID-19 has retained its access to President Trump.

During his briefing yesterday, Trump asked a female reporter from Hong Kong Phoenix TV if her network was Chinese state media.

The woman claimed that the network was from Hong Kong and privately owned, falsely creating the impression that Hong Kong Phoenix TV is in fact anti-Beijing.

In reality, the station routinely amplifies Chinese state propaganda and the Hoover Institution regards it as a “quasi-official” news outlet with links to the Chinese government’s ministry of state security.

In a 2017 report, Freedom House revealed that the channel is owned by a former Chinese military officer with close ties to Beijing and has even “been used as an outlet for airing televised confessions by various detained CCP critics, most notably all five Hong Kong booksellers abducted by Chinese security forces in late 2015.”

“As for their ownership breakdown, founding chairman Liu Changle, a “former People’s Libertarian Army propaganda official who is close to senior Chinese government leaders,” owns 37.1% of the shares,” writes Matt Palumbo. “Another 20% of the network is owned by Extra Step Investments Limited, which is owned by China Mobile Hong Kong, which is owned by China mobile…. which is owned by (you guessed it) the Chinese government.”

Representatives of the Chinese government have repeatedly claimed that the U.S. was responsible for leaking coronavirus, an incredibly harmful conspiracy that has largely gone unchallenged by anti-Trump mainstream media networks in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the one news outlet in the White House press briefing room apart from Fox News that is vaguely pro-Trump is banned while literal Chinese state media mouthpieces are still given access.


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