Obama Spokesman: Trump “Was Handed a Mess” With Syria

Adds Trump hasn't curbed brutality of Assad's regime

Image Credits: Bloomberg / Getty.

Former President Barack Obama’s National Security Council spokesman admitted President Trump “was handed a mess” with Syria, but added Trump still hasn’t curbed the brutality of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Tommy Vietor tweeted in 2013 that “remarkable” progress had been made toward eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons. In a new tweet, Vietor said Republicans were “resurfacing” his tweet “like it’s a gotcha,” but also admitted Obama didn’t leave Syria in a stable condition for Trump.

“Shipping out 1300 metric tons of weapons-grade chemicals was a major development. Obviously, they didn’t get it all. Chlorine wasn’t covered. Trump was handed a mess but also hasn’t deterred Assad,” Vietor added.

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