Ohio Judge Mandates Covid Vaccines as Condition For Probation

Defendant has a choice between five years of probation or just one year if he takes the shot

Image Credits: Lightspruch/Getty Images.

A Ohio judge has sparked controversy after mandating Covid-19 vaccines as part of a defendant’s probabtion conditions.

Franklin County Judge Richard Frye told one defendent in particular that he had a choice between five years of probation or just one year if he takes a COVID-19 shot.

“That’s not like picking up trash,” the defendant said. “I know I’m in your courtroom and you have the absolute say-so over things but I feel like, that’s my health.”

The judge nixed the three-year probation deal prosecutors made with the defense in a ruling which effectively punished the defendant with an extra two years of probation if he doesn’t take the vaccine.

“Neither the Ohio Attorney General or the Franklin County Prosecutor wanted to comment on the matter,” reported ABC6.

Franklin County is home to Columbus, Ohio, one of the most liberal areas of the state.

Only a handful of registered Democrats said they wouldn’t take the vaccine, compared to nearly half of registered Republican voters, according to a poll.

In related news, Lousiana Gov. John Bel Edwards claimed taking the Covid-19 vaccine is part of “hurricane preparedness.”

“This year, being prepared for hurricane season doesn’t just mean buying bottled water and extra batteries – it means taking your COVID-19 shot so you’ll be protected against the coronavirus,” the Democratic governor said. “We are lucky to have three safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19 that are readily available across Louisiana today.”

“Already more than 1.7 million Louisianans have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are one step closer to a more normal life.”

The last sentence has been a prominent talking point for quite some time, with vaccine promoters claiming that society cannot “be normal” again without everyone taking the vaccine.

Some of them have also claimed we are now living in a “new normal,” an oxymoron which actually contradicts the idea of going back to pre-Covid normalcy.