Old Liberal Lady With Mickey Mouse Voice Screams At Trump Supporters

'My brother represented Hillary!'

A viral video posted to Twitter shows a very angry elderly woman who sounds like Mickey Mouse yelling in the face of Trump supporters before police step in and ask her to leave.

“In Arkansas, my brother was her lawyer. He was lawyer of the year. He represented Hillary!” the woman shouts at the beginning of the clip, which has now been seen nearly 800,000 times.

“My niece babysat Chelsea,” the apparently well-connected lady added, seemingly referring to Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton.

A protester asked the upset woman, “Do you know they’re killing babies?” and she quickly responded, “Bullshit! Where’s the evidence?”

“My brother protected Hillary. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!” the irate liberal shrieked.

A police officer entered the scene and told the woman, “Relax, okay? Calm down.”

“They’re just having fun,” the officer explained, adding, “You’re disturbing everyone ma’am. Please, take off.”

As she walked away, the Trump supporters chanted, “Four more years!”

These are the type of people conservative demonstrators have to deal with on a daily basis.

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