Oliver Stone Dismisses Bill Maher’s Russia Hoax Questions, Says ‘Our Intel Agencies Aren’t Reliable’

'You have to question everything that comes out of our intelligence agencies,' he says

Image Credits: screenshot/Mediaite.

Director Oliver Stone dismissed a recent report about Russian meddling in the 2016 election during an exchange with HBO host Bill Maher.

When questioned by Maher about the Russia hoax during a Friday appearance on his show “Real Time”, Stone quickly waved off the Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent report concluding Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

“This guy Konstantin [Kilimnik] who we heard about, now they are naming him as a Russian intelligence officer,” Maher said. “He’s GRU. He was coordinating with Trump’s campaign manager Manafort. And your namesake Roger Stone organized the Wikileaks dump 30 minutes after the Access Hollywood tape came out. You can’t really think that a Russian president — the one that’s in there now — should be able to ratfuck our elections like this, can you?”

Stone brushed off Maher’s line of questioning, telling him he should be smart enough to question everything put out by America’s intelligence community.

“Oh, Bill,” Stone said. “I’ve known you too long, and I think you’re sophisticated enough to know that you have to question everything that comes out of our intelligence agencies. If you haven’t learned that by you, you have a long way to go still.”

Maher then asked Stone, as if it were unthinkable, if he though the intel agencies are lying.

“The intelligence agencies are not reliable, they’ve been screwing with America going back to the Vietnam War, going back to the Iraq Wars, Afghani wars,” Stone responded.

“It’s very hard to find out the truth from them. And everything they publish — the rumors and all of the anonymous sources, the think tanks, the anti-Russia…it all adds up into this ball of wax that becomes enormous. And they have people like you, who are skeptical generally, believing it.”

“They went after Manafort in a way that — it was bizarre,” Stone continued. “He wasn’t that intelligent and he didn’t have that much to say or do about any of this.”

Stone went on to call President Trump a “sad figure,” but noted that the Deep State’s intention to make America’s foreign policy centered on “attacking Trump” is “crazy.”

“To make our foreign policy dependent on attacking Trump, to get rid of Trump, and creating a Cold War environment with China and with Russia and with other countries, is crazy… They’re looking for everything possible to build up this Russia-James Bond-Dr. No scenario.”

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