Operation Haircut: Hairstylists To Protest Gov. Whitmer Stripping Barber’s License For Reopening

Mass haircut demonstration to take place on May 20 outside Michigan capitol lawn

Image Credits: Merethe Svarstad Eeg / EyeEm via Getty Images.

A conservative group is organizing a civil disobedience demonstration in Michigan after Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer stripped a barber of his license for trying to reopen his business.

The group, called the Michigan Conservative Coalition, is organizing with dozens of barbers and hairstylists to give haircuts outside the Michigan capitol building on May 20 as an act of defiance against Whitmer’s tyranny.

“To show people we are not unintelligent – the workers and the business owners of Michigan – we all know how to behave in this new world,” said MCC organizer Meshawn Maddock. “There is no reason why barbers and stylists can’t safely cut hair.”

The planned mass demonstration was inspired by 77-year-old barber Karl Manke, who continued to give haircuts despite the shutdown, resulting in Whitmer stripping him of his license earlier this month.

“The fact that a 77-year-old barber became a leader in our state (as) the first person brave enough to risk his license, to stand up to our governor,” Maddock said.

“We are proud of him and we were impressed by him. And immediately other hair stylists and barbers reached out to us and said what can I do?”

Manke responded to Whitmer’s action last week, declaring he would not shutter his business because she says so.

“I’m not closing up; I’m not caving in to this,” Manke said, adding: “I’m not a rabble-rouser and I’m not a scofflaw. I’m a small-town barber. I just want to make my living.”


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