Oregon HS Track Coach Calls for End to Mask Rule After Athlete Collapses

Image Credits: Mr.mansuang Suttakarn / EyeEm / Getty Images.

A high school track coach in Oregon is calling for an end to rules mandating mask-wearing during competition after one of his athletes collapsed from “complete oxygen debt.”

After a nearly two-year break from track meets, high schools in Oregon once again began competing, but the state added a new rule, requiring students to wear masks at all times, even when competing in sports.

While excited to get back to competition, Summit coach Dave Turnbull was not thrilledabout the masks, according to The Bulletin.

The biggest problem for the coach and his runners came in the 800-meter race when student Maggie Williams collapsed on the track just meters short of the finish line even as she was on the verge of achieving a school record.

“I was pushing so hard and everything went blurry and I just fell,” Williams told The Bulletin. “But luckily I fell at the right spot and crossed the line with my head.”

This end to Williams’ race worried coach Turnbull. He blamed his runner’s collapse on the mask.

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