Our Voices Matter: Touching Mini-Documentary Shares Stories Of Vaccine-Injured Australians

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Image Credits: Infowars.

A mini-documentary posted to TheCovidWorld.com provides a platform for Covid vaccine-injured Australians and the families of those who died after taking the jab to speak out.

Titled, “Our Voices Matter,” the short film features interviews with individuals who were injured following the shot and people who lost loved ones shortly after vaccination.

Every one of the people in the documentary was once trustful enough of the medical establishment to get the experimental jab in the first place.

Now, the very same medical establishment tries to tell the vaccine-injured that the jab had nothing to do with their sudden illness and mainstream media won’t give them the light of day.

In Australia, over 350 people have died shortly after Covid vaccination and over 41,000 have reported adverse reactions, but the media ignores the data.

A family interviewed in the documentary wants answers after their father fell deathly ill days after his Covid shot.

The man’s wife explained, “He went from being completely healthy one day to, by the end of the week and the following week, being very sick and couldn’t breathe and then, gone.”

An autopsy showed the man died from sudden onset myocarditis, a symptom the CDC admits may be connected to Covid vaccines.

However, doctors told the man’s family that the vaccine played no role in his death.

One woman speaking out in the documentary said her 69-year-old mother’s cognitive and physiological abilities went on a downward spiral shortly after receiving her first jab.

Because the woman’s family has a history of blood clot disorders, she doesn’t think her mother should have ever been given the shot.

While the mother was bedridden after the first injection, health officials came to her door to administer the second dose and she told them “no”.

“They discussed it amongst themselves and then they just came in and administered the vaccine anyway,” the woman said of health workers forcibly injecting her mother.

Five weeks later, the woman’s mother passed away.

Another once-healthy woman interviewed had to learn how to walk, talk and write again after being in a coma for three weeks, causing brain swelling, following her Astrazeneca jab.

Asked what her main reason for speaking out is, the woman said, “For people to be aware of what can happen to them. The adverse reaction. It’s not all roses like they make it out. There are storms also and we’ve heard of that. There is more of that and there is more complications than you ever think.”

When people try to tell their tragic stories online, Big Tech sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others take their posts down and label them “vaccine misinformation.”

Once again, all of these people once “trusted the science” that ended up harming them.

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