Outrage Mobs, Witch Hunts Dominate Google, Says Engineer

One employee reported to HR for sharing National Review article, he says

Image Credits: Niharb / Flickr.

Outrage mobs and witch hunts dominate the culture at Google, according to a software engineer.

The engineer, Mike Wacker, says he was targeted by one such mob in part because he runs a social mailing list for Republicans inside the company – and the engineer warns that these outrage mobs are incompatible with free speech and due process because they equate non-approved speech to “physical violence.”

“More and more, we’ve heard claims that speech is violence, and the outrage mob against Kay Coles James was no exception to that trend,” he wrote on Medium. “Thus, it’s important that your definition of violence doesn’t endorse this notion that speech is violence.”

For more context, Kay Coles James is the president of the Heritage Foundation who was targeted by a mob after she was appointed to an AI ethics panel.

She later wrote about her experiences with a mob in a piece published by the Washington Post:

In 1961, at age 12, I was one of two-dozen black children who integrated an all-white junior high school in Richmond.

White parents jeered me outside the school, and inside, their kids stuck me with pins, shoved me in the halls and pushed me down the stairs.

So when the group of Google employees resorted to calling names and making false accusations because they didn’t want a conservative voice advising the company, the hostility was reminiscent of what I felt back then — that same intolerance for someone who was different from them.

Wacker said the problem at Google is exacerbated by its very own HR department.

“Allegedly, Google is a company that supports a freedom of expression, but Google is also a company where you can get in trouble with HR for defending Jordan Peterson’s stance that the government cannot compel speech, including compelling the usage of preferred pronouns,” he wrote in describing another employee’s HR battle.

He also pointed out a case in which an employee who shared a National Review article was reported to HR.

“If left unchecked, these outrage mobs will hunt down any conservative, any Christian, and any independent free thinker at Google who does not bow down to their agenda,” he added. “Anyone who stands up to them will be hounded until they either shut the fuck up or they ‘get the fuck out.’ Furthermore, Google HR has clearly shown that they function as an accessory to these witch hunts.”

“As I said before, once you control who belongs at Google, you can control what content belongs on Google.”

Google was reached for comment but has not yet responded as of the time of this writing.

The First Amendment is under attack as outrage mobs continue to push “political correctness” against humor and jokes.