Over 12,000 Criminal Illegals Will Be Freed Monthly, Former Trump Official Warns

Entire immigration system is being "dismantled," says Stephen Miller

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Thousands of criminal illegal aliens will be released into U.S. communities each month under a new 100-day moratorium on most deportations, former White House senior advisor Stephen Miller has warned.

Miller, an immigration hawk who worked closely with President Trump over the past four years, estimates between 12,000 and 15,000 criminal illegals will be set free on a monthly basis.

A memorandum released by Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary David Pekoske on the first day of the new administration laid out immediate objectives for federal immigration and border protection agencies, including a “100-day pause on certain removals.”

Calling it the “most extreme directive” issued in the “history of modern law enforcement,” Miller highlighted disturbing details of the plan in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

“There are very narrow exceptions in that memorandum that would apply to only a handful of people in a given year. It would be terrorists, spies, and really extraordinary cases,” Miller explained. “The 180,000 people that ICE removed last year … could not be removed this year, as a result of that deportation moratorium.”

“Of those 180,000 people, 92 percent of them are criminals – either charged or convicted of a crime. In this memo, there is no exceptions clause for criminals.”

Miller says ICE operations will effectively “grind to a halt,” with state and local law enforcement agencies no longer able to turn illegal aliens over to ICE custody.

“Beginning in just a few days, about 12,000 criminals a month are going to be released into U.S. communities,” Miller said.

He explained that his estimate is low, based on 2020 figures which were heavily impacted by the coronavirus crisis and related border closures.

Miller believes the monthly number could be closer to 15,000.

Additionally, the new mandates enable visa overstays to remain in the U.S., along with foreigners who skip immigration court hearings or simply ignore orders to leave the country.

“The whole system is dismantled,” Miller said.

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