Over 60 Miles of NEW Border Wall Announced

Construction expended to begin early 2020

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has announced contract awards for approximately 65 miles of new border wall construction where no current barrier exists.

Along with the Army Corps of Engineers, CBP says it has granted three separate contracts for projects in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, the busiest sector for illegal immigration and cocaine and marijuana seizures.

Construction will take place in Starr, Hidalgo and Cameron Counties in Texas.

“The border wall system will include an 18-30 foot tall steel bollard wall, all-weather roads, lighting, enforcement cameras, and other related technology to create a complete enforcement zone,” CBP explained in a statement. “Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2020, pending availability of real estate, and will take place in locations where no barriers currently exist.”

The three contracts total nearly $813 million in value and provide funding for border barrier segments of approximately 21, 22, and 22 miles, respectively.

“These projects are not undertaken pursuant to the National Emergency Declaration, 10 U.S.C § 284, 10 U.S.C. § 2808, or any other source of funding available to the Department of Defense,” CBP makes clear in their statement.

“CBP continues to implement President Trump’s Executive Order 13767 – also known as Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements – taking steps to expeditiously plan, design, and construct a physical wall using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the southern border.”

In related news, Border Patrol Council Chief Brandon Judd says morale among agents is “looking up greatly,” due to President Trump’s support.

“He supports the agents. He supports border security,” Judd said during in a radio interview in Alabama. “Those are the factors that create a good environment for agents.”

“I mean, you would think that with the attacks that we’ve had by people like AOC calling us ‘Nazis,’ comparing us to a group that killed 6 million Jews, you would think that morale would be in the tank. But when you have a president that has our back and supports our mission, morale is going to go up. This is one of the first years in the last couple that we’ve been able to keep more agents that we’ve lost to attrition.”

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