Over 80% of Culprits Responsible For Looting After German Floods Were Foreign Migrants

Only 27 out of 145 suspects were born in Germany.

Image Credits: picture alliance via Getty Images.

An investigation into the identity of criminals who exploited the chaos following the devastating floods in Germany has found that over 80 per cent of the culprits were migrants of non-German origin.

Diversity continues to remain a strength.

The floods killed over 180 people and caused billions in property damage, but the situation was worsened by criminal opportunists carrying out looting and robberies amidst a temporary breakdown in normal law and order.

“Rumors that the looters were predominately foreigners was dismissed as “right-wing propaganda” or disinformation on social media,” reports RMX News. “However, as more information flows in, it is becoming increasingly clear that these were not “isolated” cases, and that the vast majority of these incidents were indeed committed by foreigners.”

After the AfD party requested data from the German Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia about the looting, 145 suspects between the ages of 12 and 69 were identified.

81 per cent of the suspects were of non-German native origin, with the largest group being Romanians. Out of the 145 suspects, only 27 individuals were born in Germany.

Other suspects came from countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

AfD parliamentary group leader Markus Wagner said the figures prove, “How urgent it is to finally take off your rose-colored glasses.”

“It is shocking when people, no matter where they come from, take advantage of the plight of others,” he added.

Germany has struggled with soaring crime levels since it allowed around a million illegal migrants to enter the country following the 2015 “refugee crisis.”

As Reuters reported, “Violent crime rose by about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, a study showed. It attributed more than 90 percent of that to young male refugees.”

Back in June, Germany experienced another Islamist terror attack when a Somali who arrived as a refugee in 2015 killed three people in Wurzburg while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

It’s no wonder that with a national election just around the corner, Chancellor Angela Merkel is concerned about a repeat of the influx following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

As we previously highlighted, a top diplomat in Kabul warned that “not even tanks” can stop a potentially large wave of Afghan refugees heading to Europe.



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