Pa. Senator Fetterman Hears Voices Sounding Like Teacher From “Peanuts” After Second Stroke

The man is clearly unfit to hold office

Image Credits: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty.

A recent New York Times article about Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman revealed he’s struggling to mentally function and could have permanent brain damage after suffering a stroke in May 2022.

The Times reported Friday, “On Wednesday, Mr. Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling lightheaded while attending a daylong Senate Democratic retreat in Washington.”

Doctors claim the senator did not suffer a second stroke, but said he needs to take better care of himself both “physically and emotionally.”

The Democrat’s audible processing is often so bad he described it as trying to understand the muffled voice of the teacher from the “Peanuts” cartoon.

After Fetterman’s stroke in May, Republicans were attacked for questioning his cognitive abilities as he ran for a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

Attorney Viva Frei wrote on Twitter, “Remember when it was called ‘ableist’ to question Fetterman’s health, and when @drsanjaygupta said Fetterman was medically fine despite never assessing him? Fetterman should have been resting and healing, not being politically exploited to secure a Democrat seat in the Senate.”

Popular Twitter user Greg Price noted Fetterman’s campaign had previously released a note from a doctor who donated to the Democrat politician vouching for his ability to work in public office.

The media helped Fetterman get elected by lying about his mental capabilities and attacking anyone who questioned his health.

Political commentator and retired police officer Gunther Eagleman called for Fetterman’s doctor to have his license revoked for either lying about the candidate’s health or not catching the obvious issues.

Most conservatives online wished the Democrat politician well while acknowledging this swift decline in health was completely predictable.

Fetterman is the perfect puppet for the Democrats to foist upon the public as he’ll simply repeat whatever his handlers type into his teleprompter.

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