Pathetic: Soy Boy Begs Trump Voters To Wear Masks At MAGA Rally

Image Credits: @TheGoodLiars/Twitter.

A masked beta male prostrated himself before a group of Trump supporters waiting in line at the President Trump’s rally in Georgia on Saturday, begging them to wear masks also.

Soy boy Jason Selvig, from an anti-Trump activist group aptly called The Good Liars, approached a group of mask-less Trump supporters asking where their masks were.

“You guys got masks?” Selvig asked them.

“Nope. Don’t want one,” a man responded.

“Why not?” Selvig asked.

“Because I don’t need it,” the man replied. “Why, you need it?”

“Yeah,” the soy boy said. “You should wear one because there’s a global pandemic going on.”

“Is there?” the man joked. “Well, you got yours.”

“I got mine on yeah, because I’m trying to be safe,” Selvig said.

“Good! Okay, thanks,” the man smiled.

That really triggered the soy boy.

“But you could infect somebody else and they could get sick,” Selvig explained.

“Why don’t you leave him alone?” another man told Selvig.

Selvig ignored him. “Will you please wear one?” he asked as he got down on his knees. “Will you please wear a mask?”

“No,” the man said.

“Please!” the soy boy pleaded with his hands folded in prayer.

“Nope!” the man said again.

“For the sake of other people, please wear one!” Selvig begged. “Please, I’m begging you, please.”

“No,” the man said again as he walked away.

This “Good Liars” group obviously wasn’t intent on making the request in good faith — it’s all about the virtue signal and trying to belittle conservatives, evidenced by their anti-Trump memorabilia they brought with them.

Have you ever seen anything so pathetic and cringeworthy? Others on Twitter apparently haven’t.


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