Patriot Barbie Calls Police On Old ‘Trans’ Man Who Stared At Her Naked In Gym Locker Room

Man has been wearing dead wife's clothes since she passed

Image Credits: patriot barbie instagram.

Lindsey Graham, also known online as Patriot Barbie, went viral over the weekend after she posted a video accusing an elderly man dressed as a woman of staring at her as she changed clothes in her gym locker room.

Graham, a frequent Infowars guest, posted to social media explaining she was undressing in the locker room when she spotted a 72-year-old man named Paul Bixler staring at her breasts.

The creepy old guy allegedly used to use the men’s locker room but decided to recently use the women’s changing area.

When Graham called the police on Bixler, officers told her the trans locker room subject is “touchy” and did not arrest him.

In another video, the Patriot Barbie explained Bixler has been featured on local news due to being an openly transgender Elementary School District board member.

Of course, all the local news outlets bow to the far-left mob and refer to the biological male Bixler as “her” throughout their coverage.

Speaking with local media, Bixler explained he came out as transgender after his wife died of cancer and now wears her clothes in public.

Graham told the Daily Mail, “I don’t think this is the first time that it has happened. They knew what card is being played, and he told them that he has had bottom surgery so he is allowed to use that changing room.”

“What if there was a little girl getting changed in there? Realistically I’ll never get undressed in that locker room now,” she added.

It’s time for Americans to stand up against the LGBT cult pushing to allow grown men in women’s dressing rooms.

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