Patriot Triggers Libs by Walking Past ‘Impeach’ Protest with Trump 2020 Flag

It doesn't take much to trigger the Trump Derangement Syndrome

A man waving a “Trump 2020” flag threw cold water on an “Impeach Trump” protest simply by breezing right past them.

The man, who goes by Rogan O’Handley on Twitter, claimed he was trying to remind them that a Trump 2020 victory is inevitable.

“Liberals held a protest in St. Petersburg, FL calling for Trump to be impeached,” O’Handley tweeted.

“I decided to walk by them with a Trump flag reminding them who’s going to win in 2020”

“They weren’t too happy…”

YIKES! This deranged leftist told Kaitlin Bennett that she’d celebrate if Trump dropped dead, revealing how Democrats really feel about the 45th President.

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