Patriotism No Longer Allowed On Airplanes? National Anthem & “USA” Chant Triggers Pilots

Image Credits: PPAMPicture / Getty.

Multiple airlines have allegedly had issues with passengers expressing pro-America views while on flights.

Video taken by conservative activist Mindy Robinson, who was on an American Airlines flight from Washington, DC to Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, shows passengers chanting, “USA.”

“This is the way it’s going to be,” the pilot addressed his passengers. “4 and a half hour flight up to Phoenix, I’ll put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and we’ll dump people out, I don’t care. We will do that if that’s what it takes, so behave please.”

A passenger noted the irony of “American Airlines” getting upset their customers chanted, “USA.”

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday, Mindy Robinson said, “United Airlines kicked every single passenger off the plane because they were singing the national anthem. This comes right after American Airlines threatened to land the plane I was on for a 10 second ‘USA’ chant. You getting the picture now?”

These incidents come as many Trump supporters who were in Washington, DC during last week’s Rally To Save America are being placed on the “no-fly” list.

Several individuals who found out the hard way that they’d been added to the “no-fly” list were caught on camera becoming very upset about the news.

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