Patriots Overwhelm DC With MASSIVE Rally to Stop The Steal

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Patriots from across America are overwhelming Washington DC to peacefully support President Trump’s fight against election fraud.

Early reports reveal hundreds of thousands have already gathered near the White House to listen to Trump and millions have traveled to the nation’s capital to join the Save America March.

During Trump’s speech, the crowd erupted as he laid out the battle plan for how he will expose the fraud that enabled the disastrous November election.

Also, Trump celebrated how the crowd was so big that it sprawled “all the way back” to the Washington Monument.

Already, the mainstream media is actively ignoring footage from DC that reveals the enormous amount of Americans that are rejecting their globalist agenda.

The sheer size of the crowd shows that American’s are eager to support President Trump’s populist agenda, despite the mainstream media and Big Tech’s efforts to quell the rally before it even began.

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