Patriots Take A Stand In D.C.

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Patriots marched and spoke at the stop the steal rally in Washington DC knowing that after the betrayal of the Supreme Court decision, which blatantly ignored our Constitutional Republic….the glue that held America together had disintegrated.

Americans from all walks of life. Many who fought in foreign wars for this Country protested against all of the propaganda skewing their message. The smug left came out in droves on Twitter, some calling for the arrest of Alex Jones for saying far less than what countless mockingbird media pundits and celebrities have been saying for four years.

As expected, the goons of radical socialism threw their brainwashed useful idiot monotony at the Patriots who have taken the gloves off.

Local police tried repeatedly to separate the patriots and the communists. And as the night wore on that became increasingly more difficult to do, as reports of Proud Boys being stabbed came in. The media will spin all of the events in this report as right wing extremism. But at this point even they know it’s simply American’s fighting for their lives.