‘Pay Attention!’ Obama Scolds Bored Supporters at Dem Rally

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Former President Obama had no patience for distracted attendees of a Democrat rally on Friday, criticizing them for looking at their phones instead of hanging on to his every word.

“I’m talking to you, young people!” he snapped, sternly finger-pointing at some kids attending his rally for Pennsylvania Democrats in Philadelphia.

“You! Pay attention!” he lectured. “The biggest threat to our democracy is when young people think that ‘it’s not about me, I’m just gonna look at my phone.'”

Additionally, Obama couldn’t help but overshadow the candidates he was stumping for by talking about himself constantly.

“In the roughly 33-minute remarks, the former president said ‘I’ 56 times, ‘Me’ 5 times, and ‘My’ 4 times, talking about himself a total of 65 times, or once about every 30 seconds,” The American Mirror reported.

This wasn’t the first time Obama lost his temper with supporters.

In 2016, he chastised Hillary Clinton supporters while stumping for her near the end of the presidential race.

“Everybody sit down and be quiet. Everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. Now listen up! I’m serious, listen up!” he bleated as the crowd chanted angrily at a protester.