Pelosi Brags That Trump Is ‘Impeached For Life’ Regardless Of Senate Trial Outcome

House Speaker once again reveals political animus against president

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proudly stated that President Trump is “impeached for life,” regardless of the Senate trial findings, revealing once again that truth or justice isn’t the Democrats’ aim, but to tarnish Trump’s presidency.

During an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Pelosi bragged that Trump is impeached forever despite the fact the Senate trial has not even begun, let alone convicted him of any high crime or misdemeanor.

“We had…we have confidence in our case,” Pelosi told host George Stephanopoulos. “That it is impeachable and this president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell.”

“However, that could still come to bear,” she continued. “But we’re confident in the impeachment, and we think that it is enough testimony to remove him from office. However, we want the American people to see the truth. Why are they afraid of the truth?”

Pelosi is so confident in the House Democrats’ impeachment crusade that she’s delayed sending them over to the Senate for over a month.

Additionally, the Democrats are so confident in their case that three Democrat lawmakers joined Republicans in opposing the completely partisan impeachment articles.

However, Pelosi finally caved and said she would transmit the articles to the Senate this week.

Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts’ planned coup is doing the very thing they had voted to impeach Donald Trump for.