Pelosi Staffer Mask Shames Republicans Hours Before Boss Spotted Maskless At Event

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Earlier this evening, Breitbart News obtained photos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi going maskless at a crowded event in DC, in violation of the venue’s instructions, President Biden’s guidelines, and, according to a tweet just a few hours before the event, the opinions of her own staffers.

Just under three hours before Breitbart News published the Pelosi photos, the Speaker’s deputy communications director, Robyn Patterson mocked Republicans for their opposition to masking requirements and mask mandates.

“Now that Omicron has emerged, I wonder if any Republican Hill staffers regret embracing anti-mask sentiment as a personality trait,” said Patterson.

Hours later, Breitbart News published exclusive photos showing Patterson’s boss, speaker Pelosi, going maskless inside a packed event.

Reactions to the photos from Republicans on Capitol Hill came in quickly after the story was published.

“Rules for me but not for thee,” said Steve Guest, a special advisor to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

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