Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that schools cannot force state’s schoolchildren to remain masked – reversing a rule that has been in place for months

Image Credits: JAMES ARTHUR GEKIERE/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images.

A statewide mask mandate for Pennsylvania schoolchildren was thrown out by the state Supreme Court on Friday, raising the prospect that at least some students may soon be allowed to attend classes without a face covering.

The justices announced their decision to invalidate Democratic Governor Tom Wolf’s statewide mandate for masks inside K-12 school buildings and child care facilities.

They did not issue a written opinion that explains their reasoning.

The globalists’ ruthlessness knows no bounds as they push the experimental jab on children even after studies prove it is likely to cause heart problems in the young.

The justices upheld a lower-court decision that the mandate was imposed by Wolf’s acting health secretary, Alison Beam, without legal authorization. 

The practical impact of the decision will depend on what the justices say in the written opinion or opinions they will issue in the case – and which schools and school districts impose their own masking requirements.

The court’s decision comes amid a statewide surge in new infections and hospitalizations. 

Pennsylvania is reporting an average of 7,571 infections per day, up over 20 percent in two weeks. 

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