Pentagon Evacuates Troops In Libya Over ‘Security Conditions’

U.S. helped destabilize country in 2011 under Obama

A contingent of troops will be pulled out of Libya due to escalating conditions of violence, US Africa Command announced on Sunday.

“Due to increased unrest in Libya, a contingent of US forces supporting US Africa Command temporarily relocated in response to security conditions on the ground,” AFRICOM said in a statement.

“We will continue to monitor conditions on the ground and assess the feasibility for renewed U.S. military presence, as appropriate,” said AFRICOM spokesman Nate Herring.

The evacuation is reportedly a result of Islamic terrorist forces making inroads within the country.

AFRICOM’s concern over the “evolving security situation” comes amid an offensive by the renegade general, Khalifa Hifter, whose forces are making an attack on the Libya capital of Tripoli. Various media reports say Hifter’s troops have made inroads and seized control of Tripoli International Airport,” Stars and Stripes reported.

Libya’s late dictator Muammar Gaddafi kept maintained peace under an iron fist among the country’s various warring factions until former President Obama ordered military action against him in 2011, resulting in his overthrow and murder, descending Libya into chaos ever since.

“The late Gaddafi was far from being an example of a benevolent selfless leader, having a record of military adventurism, alleged human rights violations and reported personal corruption,” RT reported. “Nevertheless he ruled the country with a firm hand for decades, navigating the labyrinth of conflicting tribal loyalties and keeping radical Islamist groups in check.”

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