People List Painful Side Effects in Response to Pro-Covid-19 Vaccine Tweet

Image Credits: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty.

People were quick to respond to a pro-vaccine message with their own painful experiences endured after taking the Covid jab.

“Finally the asthma is paying off!” Tweeted Josh Widdicombe Saturday along with a picture of himself holding a vaccine record card stating the vaccine he received was from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Not long after Widdicombe’s tweet, his account was inundated with people describing adverse effects they experienced after receiving the Covid vaccine.

A recurring sentiment was people treating their vaccine record like a badge of honor despite being hit with adverse effects.

Other notable sentiments included people being glad their own ailing conditions were enough to get them the vaccine ahead of others.

Conversely, others were disappointed the condition they chose was not enough to earn the jab.

We only hear snippets of the truth concerning the wave of deaths due to the Covid vaccines.