Pharmacy, Cannabis Dispensary And Other Stores Flash Robbed in Oakland

Image Credits: Screenshots.

A series of flash robberies involving hordes of thugs were caught on video over the weekend in Oakland, California. 

KGO-TV San Francisco’s Dion Lim shared multiple incidents on Twitter: 

Owen exposes the hypocrisy of the mainstream media as he calls out their attempts to cover up events that don’t match their narrative to divide America.

A cannabis dispensary was also flash looted over the weekend:

Similar flash robberies are taking place in vibrant cities all over the US.

KPIX shared a rundown of some of the robberies that took place just over the weekend in the SF Bay Area:

Monday, November 15




  • Three people were arrested after dozens of looters swarmed into the Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek, terrorizing shoppers, assaulting employees, and ransacking shelves before fleeing in a several vehicles waiting for them on the street.
  • A suspect was killed in a fatal officer-involved shooting and a 17-year-old was shot dead in separate incidents in Oakland, while a gunfire erupted at a massive sideshow at 90th and MacArthur Blvd.
  • A cannabis dispensary at 8440 Enterprise Way in Oakland was robbed while a marijuana growing operation was broken into at 26th and Adeline.
  • A mob of looters were captured on security camera stealing prescription drugs from Wellspring Pharmacy in Oakland.



Welcome to the “racial reckoning” our elites demanded.