Photo: John Kerry Flouts Mask Rules Aboard Commercial Airline

Rules for thee...

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry was blasted as a hypocrite after he was photographed flouting mask rules while aboard a passenger airline.

In the photo circulating on social media, the former secretary of state is seen sitting in a window seat of a commercial flight perusing a document while his mask hangs off his ear.

According to Tennessee Star‘s Neil McCabe, Kerry who was flying American Airlines from Boston to Washington was not in the middle of eating or drinking, but simply chose not to wear his mask.

Others also noted Kerry appears to be flouting a “no mask, no fly” policy enacted by Joe Biden.

American Airlines policy states “customers are required to wear masks for the duration of their journey, including at the airport and on board the aircraft.”

In a response on Twitter, the airline said it would be investigating the matter; however, being that Kerry is a member of a privileged elite class, he will probably not be treated like many others who’ve been removed from flights for similar infractions.

Considering he’s also a member of the Biden administration, there will likely be little, if any, repercussions.

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