Photos of ‘Sweaty’ Prince Andrew Confound Claims Made by Royal Over Epstein Links

Claims he couldn't sweat due to medical condition, but numerous photos show otherwise.

Photos of a ‘sweaty’ Prince Andrew appear to contradict claims made by the royal during a BBC interview that was roundly condemned as a PR disaster.

The Duke of York was attempting to rebut allegations that his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein included the provision of trafficked underage girls, including Virginia Roberts-Giuffre who was 17 at the time she alleges Prince Andrew had sex with her.

The royal attempted to debunk one of Roberts-Giuffre’s claims, that he was sweating profusely during a dance between the two at a London nightclub, by claiming that he had suffered a medical condition which prevented him from sweating.

“There’s a slight problem with the sweating because I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don’t sweat or I didn’t sweat at the time…because I had suffered what I would describe as an overdose of adrenalin in the Falkland’s War when I was shot at and it was almost impossible for me to sweat,” said the prince.

However, several photos from the time clearly show the Duke of York sweating profusely, while others published by the Daily Mail contradict the royal’s claim that he rarely partied.

The royal also suggested that a photo of him with his arm around Roberts-Giuffre could have been faked because he rarely displayed physical affection, a claim which is again contradicted by numerous other photos.

Elsewhere in the interview, during his claim that he had no recollection of meeting Roberts-Giuffre, the Duke blinked no less than ten times in the space of ten seconds while making the denial.

According to numerous scientific studies, including one published by the Journal of Non-verbal Behaviour, rapid blinking is a reliable indicator that a person is lying.

The overwhelming consensus after the interview was that it was a PR disaster and had only resulted in Prince Andrew looking more guilty.

It has since emerged that the Duke’s PR adviser quit two weeks ago after warning him not to do the interview.


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