Photos Show Gov. Gavin Newsom Dining Inside Luxury French Restaurant – In Violation of Own COVID Restrictions

Image Credits: Fox11 Los Angeles.

Photos from inside a luxury restaurant in Napa, California, feature Governor Gavin Newsom dining with a large group of people – violating COVID restrictions he himself enacted.

In the photos obtained by Fox 11 Los Angeles, Newsom is seen sitting with a group of about 12 people at an outside table at the French Laundry restaurant on November 6.

“The group featured people from several households, and was certainly above the state guidelines, which limit gatherings to no more than three households,” reports Fox 11.

Additional reporting from Fox 11 includes a testimonial from the female witness who took the photos, who claimed Newsom’s party was annoyingly loud.

From the anonymous diner:

“While we were there we realized there was a very loud party going on in a room 20 feet from us. It was a bit annoying since you’re spending hard-earned money to go there.”

She said, “It got louder and louder and so they had some sliding glass doors that they were able to close, so then it was a closed-off room but you could still hear them with how loud they were.”

“I just happened to look over and realize hey is that Gavin Newsom, who is that? And I did ask one of the waitresses and she confirmed it was, so I was able to take a couple of photos, I was able to document this especially since nobody was wearing a mask. It was a very large group of people shoulder to shoulder, something that he’s always telling us not to do so yeah it was a bit annoying for sure”, the woman said.

Newsom issued an apology Monday claiming he regretted his decision to dine with the party, which he called a “bad mistake.”

“I made a bad mistake,” he said. “I should have stood up and … drove back to my house.”

“The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted,” Newsom said. “I need to preach and practice, not just preach.”

“While our family followed the restaurant’s health protocols and took safety precautions, we should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner,” added the Democrat governor.

Asked about Newsom’s apology, the woman told Fox he showed no concern about violating protocols until he left the establishment and saw people staring at him.

“I was surprised because it didn’t look like he was uncomfortable being there until the very end until people were looking at him and staring at him as he was leaving the room.”

The governor was also criticized earlier this year after he ordered vineyards in 19 counties closed, while wineries in Napa County – home to the Plumpjack winery co-founded by Newsom – were allowed to continue operating. In July, it was reported Plumpjack received covid relief funds ranging from $150,000 to $350,000.

Despite Newsom’s apology, a spokesperson for the governor argued the party didn’t violate health restrictions as the table was outdoors.

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