Shocking Interview: Embalmers Finding “Strange Clots” In Jabbed People

Mortician sounds the alarm, calls for more research into mysterious fibers

Image Credits: stew peters rumble screenshot.

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Dr. Jane Ruby talked with longtime embalmer Richard Hirschman on Thursday to get the word out about “strange clots” being found in the veins of dead Americans.

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Mr. Hirschman shared photographs with Dr. Ruby during the discussion showing what the clots he’s pulling out of people look like.

Many of the deceased Hirschman has come across reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes.

The mortician says he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies.

“I actually pulled this long, fibrous-looking clot out prior to embalming,” Hirschman said, showing images of a clot he took out of a person.

“At the front end of it, it looks like a normal blood clot, but that white fibrous-looking stuff just isn’t normal,” he added.

The embalmer said a typical blood clot is “smooth” and falls apart easily when picked up or touched.

“But this white fiber stuff is pretty strong,” he explained. “It’s not weak at all. You can manipulate it, it’s very pliable. It’s very hard… It is not normal.”

Hirschman said the specific person with the clots seen in the photo above was vaccinated for Covid, and had also contracted Covid.

“I contacted colleagues of mine, and they’re seeing the same thing,” the veteran embalmer told Dr. Ruby.

Another image shows a person’s leg with multiple clots that were pulled out of them lying on the table.

Hirschman says he has been pulling some of these clots from arteries, which typically only happens to a body that has been dead for several days.

According to the embalmer, the number of people with these blockages has recently increased from around 50% to almost 80%.

“I’m very concerned for the future,” he noted.

Hirschman is reportedly working with other professionals in order to examine the fibrous material and determine what it is.

“My fear is this: If this is caused by the vaccine, which my gut is telling me it is – I can’t prove that – but if this is caused by the vaccine, imagine the amount of people that will be dying in the future,” he told Dr. Ruby. “Because, people can’t live with this kind of substance floating around in their vessels and it’s amazing how many people are dying of heart attacks and stroke, lately.”

He continued, “If one of these small fibrous tissues gets up into the brain, they’re going to have a stroke. If it gets into your heart, it’s going to lead you to a heart attack…I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but at the same time, people need to know this. If it is the vaccine that’s causing this, we need to stop it. Whatever this stuff is, if we can figure out what it is, then maybe we can figure out a way to dissolve these things to help save peoples’ lives.”

When Dr. Ruby asked Hirschman how often he’s finding these mystery clots, he said, “Out of about 35 people I’ve embalmed this month, I’d say 20-24 have had them.”

Perhaps related, a UK funeral home director said in December of 2021 that he’d seen an uptick in deaths related to thrombosis, which he attributed to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“What we’re seeing is an unnaturally large number of deaths due to heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, and these are all as a direct result of thrombosis, embolisms in the lungs, the legs, various places thus causing these deaths. And these are well documented across the country,” the funeral director said.

“Nobody seems to be concerned by the alarming rise in them. I used to see blood clots very, very rarely and now I’ve seen more this year than I have seen in the previous 14, to give you an idea.”

This alarming information needs to be shared widely, and more experts must speak out about what they’re finding in deceased human bodies.

Dr. Ruby is a frequent guest and co-host on Infowars. Check out her latest appearance in the following video!