Planned Parenthood VS. CMP Reveals Horror

Center for Medical Progress fighting uphill battle after exposing PP's trafficking of baby parts

The Center for Medical Progress is fighting an uphill battle after they exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of the hearts, brains, lungs, livers and limbs of developing infants. Following in the footsteps of Kamala Harris, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is dangling 15 felony counts against CMP’s David Daleiden and the corporate monstrosity also launched a $7 million dollar racketeering lawsuit against Daleiden and the investigators who aided him.

Planned Parenthood is a strange animal: a hybrid of a political network and a network of health care. But as testimony during the CMP VS. Planned Parenthood trial reveals, Planned Parenthood is nothing short of a Corprocratic Sacrificial Temple with Fedex trucks trucking out baby parts as if Planned Parenthood was simply a grocery store butcher.

As CMP board member Albin Rhomberg revealed, “In some cases, the people noticed that the parts went out before the mother went out. She would…come staggering out later, typically throwing up in the bushes and being helped out of the place, after the baby parts had already gone into the FedEx truck,” Rhomberg then dropped a gruesome bombshell, testifying, “…we realized that one, for example, was a research being done on baldness…they were scalping the babies and taking their scalps and grafting them on to immune-suppressed mice, and then using various pharmaceuticals on these humanized mice to test the effect upon preventing or, I suppose you might say, treating baldness.”

As Townhall reported, “Planned Parenthood violently ends the lives of more than 332,000 unborn children every year. Their health care offerings have long been declining, yet their financials have never looked better – something to keep in mind when they cry poor over the Title X funds they chose to forego. During fiscal year 2017-18 they reported a record income of $1.67 billion, with $244.8 million in excess revenue. $563.8 million of that revenue, or more than $1.5 million per day, came from the American taxpayer.”

Not to mention, George Soros has flooded the coffers of Planned Parenthood with approximately $30 million dollars. And Soros recently launched a political action committee (PAC) that has given Planned Parenthood Virginia its record-largest outside contribution of $350,000, according to the Virginia Public Access Project’s website.

On top of the mounting legal costs, CMP faces a biased Judge Orrick whose ties to Planned Parenthood are well-known. As usual, the left engages in mass deception, celebrating psychopaths like Kermit Gosnell who relished in performing late term abortion, flipping their own evil deeds onto those that would legally call them out on it. While monsters like abortionist Ulrick Klopfer, who had his medical license revoked, are only discovered after they have died, after the remains of 2,246 babies were found in his home.

How many more Klopfers and Kermit Gosnells are out there preying on those that can’t defend themselves? While the American taxpayer foots the bill. The trial between CMP and Planned Parenthood will wrap up sometime in early November.