Police Called on High School Students For Protesting Masks

Bizarre & Orwellian scene captures school official telling kids to submit to face muzzles that studies show don’t work and only signal subservience!

Image Credits: Screenshot / Fair Use.

A high school official in Michigan brought armed law enforcement officers to confront students peacefully protesting mask mandates.

The Gaylord Community Schools official threatened the students with immediate suspension if they didn’t put on a mask and return to class. 

He gave them 10 minutes to think his ultimatum over.

“It’s 10:23 now,” said the school official. “At 10:33, if you’re still here, we’re going to consider that your choice to be suspended.”

A student then asked for clarification as to why they would be suspended.

“Insubordination,” the school official responded.


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Then, a back and forth between the students and the school official transpired where the kids called him out for inconsistent messaging or outright hypocrisy.

The encounter appears to be the climax of a days-long protest between the student body and faculty over mask mandates and other protocols, ostensibly for ‘safety against Covid.’

Several students said the situation was about authority and not masks or safety.

“It’s for control, that’s what you guys want,” said one student off-camera.

After the school official seemingly fails in swaying the kids, a man with a badge on his hip introduced himself as the “chief of police” and stepped forward.

The law enforcement official explained the students were in danger of being charged with trespassing.

“If they [the school] suspend you, you know you have to leave,” said the law enforcement official. “They do have the lawful authority to have you leave.”

The LEO continued. “It becomes a ‘trespass’ issue at that point… We don’t want to see you guys get into trouble, we feel like you’ve taken it as far as you can go and we appreciate that.”

“We don’t want to see you have consequences that aren’t necessary, if you know what I’m saying.”

Notably, one student expressed the distinction between being kicked out of the school by faculty and being kicked out by the police. 

Towards the end of the incident, the law enforcement official said the kids should be grateful they were afforded any room to protest in the building, unlike students from other schools.

The now-viral incident was posted on social media Saturday and took place around the same time high school students from another school in Michigan protested the mask mandate.

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