Police: Drunk Illegal Slams Into Construction Site, Kills Construction Worker

Suspected underage illegal alien drunk driver slammed through construction barriers

Image Credits: dfw.cbslocal.com.

A man whose motor vehicle accident led to a construction worker’s death in Texas was identified as an illegal alien.

The incident happened in Dallas last Thursday on Interstate 35 around 3 a.m.

According to CBS Dallas, Juan Rangel-Rodriguez, 20, was taken into custody after he crashed through construction barriers on the highway, slamming “into an overhead sign support that was being held off the ground by a crane.”

Dallas Morning News reports:

A red pickup drove through orange traffic cones as it headed south on the highway and first struck a utility door on a construction truck, and then he hit part of a metal sign support that was about 3 feet off the ground as it was being loaded onto an 18-wheeler with a crane, police said.

Part of the support hit the worker, identified as Rafael Ramos, and killed him.

Police administered a field sobriety test, which the unharmed Rangel-Rodriguez failed. The accident closed down part of the highway for four hours, Dallas News reports.

Rangel-Rodriguez is charged with Intoxication Manslaughter w/Vehicle and is currently held at the Dallas County Jail North Tower Detention Facility on $100,000 bond. An immigration detainer is also placed on him, according to jail records, meaning he’ll later be transferred to ICE for deportation proceedings.