Police Intervene After Trans Anarchists Attempt to Disrupt “What Is A Woman” Screening at Houston College

Houston Police had to tackle and eject leftist agitator who attempted to enter campus theater where film was screened.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Triggered trans anarchists attempted to disrupt a screening of Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman? at the University of Houston Thursday, prompting police to secure the area and protect moviegoers.

Dozens of trans activists descended on the university’s SC South Theater as the screening was set to kick off, with a flyer distributed amongst leftists days prior proclaiming, “far-right bigot and transphobe Matt Walsh will be on campus! We must oppose his hate!”

“We must organize the largest possible counter-protest to make sure Matt Walsh and other bigots know they’re unwelcome!” the flyer instructed.

Footage from Thursday showed dozens of students lined up outside the campus theater ahead of the screening, with the Houston Chronicle’s Samantha Ketterer reporting “So far they’re outnumbering the protesters.”

Sensing a potential for violence, Houston Police began removing bricks around the area that could be used as weapons by violent Antifa leftists.

At one point, an agitator attempted to enter the theater, but was quickly tackled by officers and ejected from the building.

Footage outside the theater also showed anarchist protesters ridiculously attempting to use umbrellas to shield themselves from prayers being said over them by Walsh supporters.

The protests did not appear to deter moviegoers, as the film proceeded to be screened before a packed crowd.

Meanwhile, trans anarchists outside the screening threatened reporters like Taylor Hanson who were on the ground covering the event.

After the film ended, police protected moviegoers by clearing a path as they exited the building.

In his documentary, released in June, Walsh set out to “question the logic behind a gender ideology that has taken aim at women and children,” covering topics from minor “gender-affirming care” (gender reassignment surgeries), to men competing in women’s sports, to the bastardization of the English language with terms like “birthing persons.”

The day’s events show the length leftist agitators will go to in order to censor content they dislike and disagree with.