Police Investigate Officer Who Flashed ‘OK’ Sign to Ask Protesters ‘Are You Okay?’

Leftists triggered by hand gesture

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter.

An officer has been investigated by superiors to determine why he flashed an ‘OK’ hand sign during a heated climate change protest in Melbourne, Australia.

An image of the officer was shared on social media by leftists who accused the him of signaling support for ‘neo-Nazism’ and ‘white supremacy.’

“Hey Victoria Police it’s one thing to assault and injure activists. Not ok ever,” wrote one user who included the image in her tweet. “But quite another for a cop to feel comfortable using a white power/nazi hand signal. Are you ok with overt nazis assaulting ppl to protect fossil fuel interests?”

“This violent cop at #BlockadeIMARC has been spotted flashing the same white power symbol used by white supremacist murderer Brenton Tarrant earlier this year. We know what side the cops are on,” wrote a group called Campaign Against Racism and Fascism.

Victoria Police addressed the matter in a statement on Twitter.

“We are aware of an image circulating of an officer from yesterday’s protest,” Victoria Police wrote. “We have spoken to the officer and have confirmed he was signalling ‘are you okay’ to two protesters who were caught in a large crowd looking unwell.”

“The protest activity is extremely dynamic with megaphones, sirens & loud chanting making it difficult to hear so hand signals are often used. Any suggestion to indicate the member was signaling anything else is completely untrue & Victoria Police considers this matter closed.”

The ‘OK’ sign became a popular political meme among Trump supporters mimicking the president’s signature hand gestures, and was later used in a trolling psyop devised by 4Chan users.

The Anti-Defamation League recently added the gesture to its list of “hate symbols.”

A man dressed as a demonic woman simulates the murder of a child by cutting a doll out of a pocket in the gut of his outfit while drinking the fake blood.

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