Police Search for Woman Delivering Dog Feces to Trump Supporters’ Mailboxes

Deranged woman has also been defacing Trump yard signs

Police in Maine are searching for a woman they say is delivering dog poop to Trump supporters.

The unsolicited packages were delivered by bicycle over the weekend in the town of Hampden, where cops say a serial pooper with a serious anti-Trump bent is on the loose.

“She has been picking up dog feces and putting it in mailboxes, specifically of people who have Trump signs outside,” one Hampden police officer told WGME, adding “and she has been also defacing Trump signs, writing comments on the signs.”

The officer noted political vandalism, in addition to inserting feces in mailboxes, are both crimes punishable by law.

Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for the woman, last seen riding a purple bike while wearing purple Crocs.

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