Police Warn of Apps That Solicit Child Pornography From Young Users

One complaint alleges 'My Angela' app threatened to strangle the child if they didn’t comply

Image Credits: screenshot/WBALTV11.

Maryland police are urging residents to monitor their children’s cell phone activity, warning of apps that ask children to send naked photos of themselves.

Anne Arundel County Police received a complaint from a concerned parent who discovered that the app asked their 5-year-old child for nude pictures, and threatened violence if that child didn’t comply.

From WBAL:

According to the complaint, a voice in popular children’s apps asked a 5-year-old user to take naked photos of themselves and siblings in the bathtub and threatened to strangle the child if they didn’t comply.

The cellphone apps “Talking Angela,” “Talking Angela 2,” “Talking Tom 2” and “Talking Ben 2” are catching the attention of Anne Arundel County police following a disturbing complaint Wednesday from a parent.

“The parent reported that the app requested the child remove clothing and take photos while in the bathroom,” Anne Arundel County police Sgt. Kam Cooke said. “We are not really sure as to, did the app actually say that? Or was that some sort of other entity within that app that was able to request that?”

The apps, like “Talking Angela,” for example, involve a cartoon animal that interacts with users.

Parents Victoria Rodriguez said she won’t let her young children use these apps.

“I feel it’s weird, like someone is watching my child through the game or through the camera. It gives me the heebie-jeebies,” Rodriguez said.

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