Political Activist & Prisoner Enters 3rd Week of Hunger Strike

Marty Gottesfeld held in Secure Housing Unit with sensory deprivation and no potable water

Political activist and current federal prisoner Marty Gottesfeld is entering the 24th day of a hunger strike as he demands “access to non-toxic potable water” in his cell and “access to the court via a legal call to The Office of The Clerk in order to request an emergency hearing.”

In January of 2019, Gottesfeld was sentenced to 10 years in prison for helping to save then-15-year-old Justina Pelletier from allegedly being tortured at Boston Children’s Hospital.

In 2014, Gottesfeld, a computer security expert, attacked the computer servers of Boston Children’s and the nearby Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, where Justina was being held, during a major fundraising period for the hospital.

Children’s claimed to have lost around $600,000 due to the cyberattack.

After seeing how the late political activist Aaron Swartz was treated by the political establishment and the courts, Gottesfeld knew there was no chance for justice if he stayed to fight his battle in the legal system.

Marty and his wife attempted to flee the country and apply for asylum in Cuba after the incident, but he was arrested after the couple’s escape boat broke down and they were rescued by a Disney cruise ship.

While being held as a pre-trial inmate at the end of 2016, Marty started a hunger strike that ended up lasting 100 days.

In November of 2018, Gottesfeld filed a lawsuit against Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) NY officials and (former) acting director of BOP – Hugh Hurwitz.

Defendants in that case are being represented by Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Alexander J. Hogan.

Next, after being moved to the Communication Management Unit (CMU) at Federal Correctional Institute (FCU) Terre Haute in Terre Haute, Indiana at the beginning of 2019, Gottesfeld was completely cut-off from communicating with the outside world, including his wife.

“It’s now been over 8 months since I’ve gotten any mail, calls, emails – anything – from Marty,” she said.

On Monday, November 25th, Marty served upon AUSA Hogan a motion for sanctions, but before filing the motion with the court, Hogan moved Gottesfeld to the Secure Housing Unit (SHU) inside the CMU.

After being transferred to the SHU, Captain Brogan of the FBOP allegedly asked Marty, “You know why you’re here, right?”

This comment insinuates Gottesfeld was transferred to SHU in retaliation for filing his latest motion.

Marty says he’s “being subjected to extreme sensory deprivation,”  and that he has “no pillow and my mattress is unsanitary and worn down, preventing me from getting restorative sleep.”

Gottesfeld believes this environment is hindering his “ability to litigate against AUSA Hogan and his clients.”

Additionally, Hogan denying his “requests for a legal call to The Office of the Clerk of The Court” violate Marty’s First Amendment rights.

Agents of AUSA Hogan accuse Marty of “trying to extort” 73 “individuals, agencies, and entities” by lawfully “demanding a true copy” of his order of commitment.

The incident report was written by complainant and Marty’s case manager, Rebekka Eisele.

Marty has interacted with Ms. Eisele on a weekly/daily basis by this point and based on language and legal knowledge, he says the complaint was obviously written by someone else.

Further, Marty states, “Ms. Eisele’s conduct is demonstrably inconsistent with the narrative of the incident report,” as she continues to act normally with Marty and has not requested to be removed from his case.

In contrast to Ms. Eisele’s actual demeanor, whoever wrote the incident report claimed, “I feel threatened by inmate Gottesfeld’s demands and I believe he is trying to extort me… Inmate Gottesfeld is attempting to intimidate and compel me… by threat of financial demise.”

Marty has since formally requested the preservation of audio and video surveillance footage of these weekly interactions.

Gottesfeld also wrote a letter to the prison’s medical department, informing them his “water is toxic” and that he has “had nothing to eat or drink since Monday evening,” which was December 9th.

“My kidneys hurt,” he concluded.

The medical staff gave Marty IV fluids on December 12th, the last day he was heard from.

Marty’s wife Dana, who has appeared on Infowars multiple times, writes, “This is an emergency. I have no idea how he is. I can only imagine he’s still in the terrible SHU, his health is declining, and this is the first day of the 4th week of the strike. Let’s not forget he is very serious, he did 100 day strike (mostly) in Epstein’s unit and this place is so much worse.”

Investigative reporter Will Potter, one of the only journalists who has been inside a CMU, described what they’re like in a 2015 RT interview.

“It is clear these units have been created not for violent and dangerous ‘terrorists’ but for political cases that the government would like to keep out of the public spotlight and the press,” Potter states.

Watch Dana Gottesfeld’s latest Infowars appearance on The David Knight Show below: