Political Prankster Trolls City Council Dressed as Furry to Call Out Trans Lunacy

Comedian and political activist Alex Stein trolled Allen, Texas, city council meeting dressed in rat costume to speak out on trans issues.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Comedian and political commentator Alex Stein dressed up in a rat furry outfit to speak out on trans issues at an Allen, Texas, city council meeting this week.

In one of his most ambitious performances yet, Stein AKA Ronnie The Rat claimed to be a “trans-species” teacher at the Allen school district who encourages his students to explore gender transition surgeries.

“This is the problem, is we have a lot of trans inclusivity in other cities like Frisco – they’re doing pride parades at a lot of churches. We’re not doing any pride parades at churches here in Allen, and that’s what we need. We need more kids on gender reassignment surgery or gender reassignment hormones, and the best way for me that’s gotten the message out to the other students is doing it myself, leading by example. And that’s what I’m trying to do here as a trans-species, as Ronnie The Rat.”

Earlier in the week, Stein was on the scene for the pride parade event at a Frisco church, which he also attended dressed in full furry regalia.

Once again, Stein’s unique brand of comedic activism is helping bring attention to the woke left’s grooming and indoctrination of children, and other critical issues.