Political Violence is Ukraine’s Biggest Export: Embedded American Journalist Exposes Great Reset Collapse to Jumpstart WW3

The conflict is being used to usher in the New World Order

Image Credits: banned.video.

An American journalist living in Ukraine, George Eliason of tntradio.live, joined The Alex Jones Show Monday to break down what he has found in Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, and the globalist plan for collapse.

Eliason explained how Ukraine is a hotbed for political violence and how the neo-Nazi Azov soldiers are being used by the globalists to engage in coups in Chile and Ecuador.

He also claimed multiple Azov members took part in the January 6th U.S. Capitol debacle.

Jones and Eliason continued to dive into the Nazi stay-behind network that continues to clandestinely operate globally.

Also on Monday, Jones covered the Nord Stream II sabotage and how it ties into the globalist agenda.