Poll: 73 Per Cent of Trump Voters Believe Dems Are Trying to Replace White Americans With Immigrants Who Vote For Them

Numbers even higher than similar poll last week.

Image Credits: Jeff Swensen via Getty Images.

A new poll by YouGov finds that 73 per cent of Trump voters believe that Democrats are “trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color” who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

As we previously highlighted, a similar poll conducted by Yahoo News found that 61 per cent of Trump voters thought Americans are being deliberately replaced with immigrants as part of a political agenda, but the number has risen significantly risen in the space of just a week.

The latest survey asked participants if they believed, “Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats’ views.”

While the overall number of Americans who believe that such a plot is unfolding stands at 32 per cent, when Trump voters are asked specifically, that figure shoots up to 73 per cent, almost three quarters.


Among Republicans as a whole, 61 per cent believe in a deliberate Democrat plot to replace white Americans with migrants who vote Democrat.

10 per cent of Americans blame Jewish people for the agenda, while 32 per cent blame Democrats.


“It seems like the Democrats talking incessantly about the Great Replacement has only made it more popular,” notes Chris Menahan.

The poll also found that more Democrats than Republicans know what the “great replacement theory” is, which isn’t surprising given how often leftists enthusiastically talk about it.

Joe Biden himself previously asserted that Americans being demographically replaced was a “source of our strength” and something to be “proud of.”

Innumerable leftists, news personalities and politicians have all promoted the inevitability and beneficence of ‘replacement theory’.

According to the legacy media, when people on the right talk about it in a negative way, it’s a horrendous form of extremist radicalization, but when leftists celebrate it, it’s a progressive virtue.



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