A majority believe Bill Clinton is a sexual predator according to a mainstream poll, which suggests public opinion is turning against the former president.

Over half of the respondents, 53%, of a Rasmussen poll describe Clinton as a sexual predator, with only 24% claiming he’s simply a victim of his political opponents. Another 24% are undecided.

“Interestingly, men (55%) are more likely to consider Clinton a predator than women (50%) are,” according to Rasmussen, which added that Democrats are “almost evenly divided on the question, but 30% are undecided.”

Clinton was confronted by #MeToo demonstrators at a speaking event in Austin, Texas, on Sunday night during a protest promoted by Infowars:

But it’s the left-leaning media where Clinton’s fade in popularity is more obvious than ever.

According to a Boston Globe op/ed by Margery Eagan:

At 71, he’s lived a charmed life for decades. But the earth has shifted, and better late than never, Bill Clinton is done.

Even CNN, which tried to paint Clinton in a fair light, admitted that there are concerns about how Clinton “would fare campaigning for Democrats amid the #MeToo movement.”

And Time, an anti-Trump establishment mouthpiece, said Clinton “has been disappointing women who believe in him for decades now.”

In short, the establishment is now seeing Clinton as a liability, which Infowars predicted would happen back in October.